Send e-mail

The e-o offers you the ability to send email,through your application to simplify the work itself to minimize the time of clearance. Send offers, statistics, reports directly from the system, without requiring the transfer of data from this in your outlook and direct sending of any information.

Operations Feeds

Identify actions succession, persons or groups to complete a task. This way you achieve complete control of daily tasks related to sales, offers, orders, project management (management project) and the whole of your business functions.

Customer Portal

Special gate (portal) where they can input the clients, seeing matters concerning them, or leave message. Complaint handling - damage - repairs through technical support bulletins in all stages receipt - diagnosis - episkefi- pricing - delivery to the customer. Ability to monitor the repair process.

Attach Files

This feature provides the ability to archive documents, images, audio files associated with the activities of your company (sales documents, recruitment etc.). Integration and attaching documents and multimedia files to each record.

Petitions system

Through this feature, you can monitor performance sales teams and their members, daily, weekly, monthly, etisios.Mporeite track sales by category of service or business products.

Product registration

Possibility of including -Service products of your business and linking them with other features of the e-o application to exported data and related information.


synchronization capability with your outlook. Monitoring jobs, meetings etc. executives and teams of your company executives, for better control, organization and time management (time management).

Sales statistics

Export statistics, which provide information on frequency-related seasonality poliseon.Statistika sales periochikotita. Creating graphs.

Access rights

Creating user access rights and user groups according to the needs and structure of your company. Differentiation according to the position or role of the user (or user group), the organization chart of your company.

Customer management

Ability to monitor order history, manage balances, customer card. Your company gains full control of the customer base, minimizes management costs and exploit new sales (cross selling).

Human Resource Management

Possibility payroll tracking, gifts and personal licenses, Banking CVs and classification according to criteria you set yourself. official record.

Warehouse control

Recording of warehouse materials and control their movements by recording dates, quantities, categories etc.

Ability Global Search

Search field in the application database to find words - phrases in all supported languages.

Ability to mass import and export data.

Ability to mass import / export data from / in excel files / text / csv or other applications.

SMS Module

Bulk SMS sending to selected clients or all clients.

outlook interface

Compatibility and interconnection with MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird Google Mail etc., to synchronize contacts and calendar.

WEB forms

Collect customer data from the company's website through special customized data entry form.


Create, manage and monitor marketing campaigns.

Project Management

Create project management and monitoring (management project), with tasks, workflows, milestones, deadlines etc.

Management contracts and maintenance contracts

Create - management and monitoring of Contracts - Contracts - oral agreements etc.

Interface with voip call centers

Interface with VoIP telephone ASTERISK centers to make calls through the application of emerging customer card when the incoming call.

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